Luis Manuel Cordoba is a Canadian/Venezuelan Chef, with more than 14 years of experience in the food service industry.

He opened his first own restaurant during 2001 in Mérida, one of the main culinary Venezuelan City Later, in partnership with his brother who is a Pastry Chef, he started “Sabores Gourmet”, a catering company in Caracas. He was specialized as a culinary consultant and organizer of corporate and private events as weddings, religious celebrations, graduations, cocktail parties and corporate buffet.

 Since April 2010 he moved to Toronto, starting as the Chef of Arepa Café, the main Venezuelan cafe in the city, reaching a lot of positive reviews from food writers and critics in the Canadian press, based on the authentic Venezuelan gastronomy proposal.

Also, he started his own catering company “Mango Pintón”, specialized in the contemporary Latin-American gastronomy. Mango Pintón serves private and corporate events within the GTA as Weddings, Cocktail parties, Corporate Buffet, Formal Dinners, Pop ups, etc. He has been part of relevant and influenced food events in the GTA gastronomy, as Toronto Underground Market, Pan-American Food Festival, Foodies and Food, Open Roof festivals, and CraveTO.


Delicious Food Show

Come, join us and try the Arepas today at delicious food festival in exhibition!

Toronto Underground Market

TUM is Canada’s first and only social food market designed to give budding food entrepreneurs

Mango Pinton Catering Classes

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CraveTO Toronto Canada

CraveTO events showcase Toronto craft drink and street food creators to the soundtrack of Toronto DJs.