Venezuelan Ham Cachito

The ham Cachito is a baked piece that resembles the shape of the croissant, but made with slightly sweetened bread dough, and stuffed with smoked ham and bacon cut into small pieces. Although the origin of Cachito is not very clear, the information that is known is...

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Tinto de Verano

The Tinto de Verano translated as red wine of summer is a wine based cold drink popular from Spain, similar to Sangria. It is made up of red wine and lemon soda based, as 7up or Sprite.  Proportions vary depend of the taste of each person. It is simple to prepare:...

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Mango Jelly (Jalea de Mango)

The Mango Jelly is a delicious delight sweet choice after a good dinner with fish or white meats. This is made of unripe mangos, sugar and a lot of patience. The technique is to cook the mango pulp with sugar in low heat and stirring the mix with wooden spoon. Here we...

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